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Helping people
prepare for, find,
and keep good jobs
is what Goodwill
is all about.


total people served in 2016


people placed into competitive employment


program participants who worked and earned paychecks at Goodwill

Back to School

Let your kids creatively express themselves by defining their own style with unique one-of-a-kind finds.

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Success Story: Jeff

"Jeff is an inspiration to all of us," said Goodwill Janitorial Services Manager Kathy Harris. "He has an excellent skill set, an awesome sense of humor, and a genuine empathy for his coworkers."
Sometimes the path to success isn't always in a straight line. Read Jeff's story to learn how he grew from trainee, to employee, to mentor.

The deal on "RoundUp"

Goodwill Resource Development Coordinator, Kim Harsch shares her thoughts and appreciation about the impact of your spare change.

Your change, changes lives »