Produced right here in West Michigan by Goodwill program participants, GoodWipers are made from reclaimed t-shirt, polo, and other high-cotton content / low-lint fabric. Conveniently packaged in 25-pound bags, each bag contains 275 to 300 pieces approximately
10 x 15 inches. 
Pound-for-pound, GoodWipers are quality wipers at an economical price. Compare prices to these other general-purpose rags currently available on the market.*





 $ 1.70

RagLady Colored T-Shirt Rags

 $ 1.88

Uline T-Shirt Rags

 $ 2.36

Scott Rags-in-a-Box

 $ 3.75

*Prices as of July 2015


Now available for pick up at 17 convenient locations throughout West Michigan (from Manistee to Holland). You will be notified when your order is ready to be picked up. 


Ordering GoodWipers

You can order by downloading and completing the order form. 

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Prefer to order by phone?

Please call Sylvia at (231) 722-7871, ext. 1007.

An excellent product for use in machine shops, auto repair garages, manufacturers, janitorial companies, as well as the general consumer.