Every day, millions of people clean out their closets, attics and basements. Instead of throwing out the things you no longer need, give them to Goodwill, and we will sell or recycle them. It’s a cycle that extends the life of usable clothing and other goods and earns revenue for Goodwill programs that benefit thousands of people right here in West Michigan.

At Goodwill Industries, our goal is to sustain a triple bottom line of employment services and jobs for people, a strong financial position, and sound environmental practices. Green jobs are the perfect match to fulfilling this objective.

What is a Goodwill green collar job?

A green collar job is an unskilled or skilled job in an environmentally conscious industry that promotes sustainable practices and the use of renewable resources.

Principles of Goodwill green collar jobs:

  • Reduce waste, pollution, energy use, and other environmental risks in an environmentally conscious industry
  • Provide high enough wages and benefits to support an individual and contribute to the support of a family
  • Provide opportunity to advance and build a career for many individuals

Goodwill green collar job categories:

  • Jobs that currently exist within Goodwill organizations
  • New job opportunities in a green industry