Green Janitorial

altGoodwill’s Janitorial Services division experienced a significant shift to green cleaning practices in 2007. Through extensive product research and testing, we converted to cleaning products containing no ozone depleting compounds and trained staff on the proper way to use them. Goodwill also switched to using and dispensing environmentally preferred paper products resulting in a significant reduction in packaging waste. Additionally, Goodwill changed to a central ordering and distribution system for their cleaning, custodial, and paper supplies. Supplies are now shipped to one location and distributed with our trucks on their normal routes, reducing both fuel costs and carbon emissions.


What is Green Cleaning?

Green Cleaning refers to the method of cleaning practice that uses environmentally-friendly products and procedures. In essence, it’s cleaning to protect human health, without harming the environment.

What are the benefits to Green Cleaning?

  • Improves indoor air and water quality
  • Improves employee health, productivity, and satisfaction
  • Reduces exposure to toxic chemicals for building occupants and janitorial workers
  • Reduces liability from worker safety issues
  • Lowers the environmental impact of the facility

Every day, millions of people clean out their closets, attics and basements. Instead of throwing out the things you no longer need, give them to Goodwill, and we will sell or recycle them. It’s a cycle that extends the life of usable clothing and other goods and earns revenue for Goodwill programs that benefit thousands of people right here in West Michigan.

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