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Success Story: Bill

Bill was referred to Goodwill’s Work Activity Program in 1993 by Community Mental Health. Bill was initially placed in the Industrial Services Center where he quickly demonstrated the ability and willingness to be a valued member of the team, achieving one of the highest production rates. 

His work experience at Goodwill includes placement on several off-site industrial enclaves, including work at local manufacturers such as E-Coaters and Fastenal.

Bill continues to work in Goodwill’s Industrial Services division. As a person with autism, Bill has exhibited some maladaptive behaviors at work over the years, but with assistance and training from staff, has been able to overcome these challenges.

Bill is capable of performing multi-step assignments with accuracy and thoughtfulness. Some of his main tasks are: wiper cutting, heat sealing, sorting clothes, filling grease bottles, and many other light industrial tasks. He is a dedicated worker and can be counted on with minimal supervision. 

Bill also participates in Goodwill’s Community Integration Program where he volunteers his time at Hope’s Lighthouse sorting food and clothing items for people in need. He also helps with cleaning the facility.

Bill’s family is pleased with his stability and the progress that he continues to show, not only at Goodwill, but also in his personal life. They have stated that they believe Goodwill is a key component to Bill’s success.

Bill resides at Paul’s Place, an adult foster center home located in Dalton Township, with a few other developmentally disabled males. Bill enjoys watching wrestling, camping, trips to Michigan’s Adventure, and other community activities.

Bill is a very social person and enjoys conversations with others. Bill’s disability is something that impacts him every day, but with the support he receives from his family and through work, he is learning new skills each day. 

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