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Success Story: Ron

Ron enrolled in Goodwill’s Prisoner Reentry (PR) program after his release from the Michigan Department of Corrections in February 2012. He had a solid work history in the construction field, but due to the current lack of jobs in this line of work, he was encouraged to explore other employment options.

As part of the PR program, Ron completed a four-week employment readiness class where he composed a resume, learned effective job search skills, practiced interview skills, and learned to become comfortable talking about his background with an employer.

As part of his transition to community employment, Ron was enrolled in Goodwill’s Managed Employment Program that provided a paid work assignment in Goodwill’s Industrial Services Work Center. The experience strengthened his employability skills and added real-work experience to his resume. During this four-week assignment, Ron consistently earned favorable weekly employment evaluations.

Because of his proven strong work ethic and friendly personality he was recommended by his case managers to interview for an opening in Goodwill’s Roosevelt Park Retail store. Ron was offered a part-time retail position where he continues to work today.  

Store Manager Nancy Strang reports that Ron is an extremely hard worker, fits in well with the Roosevelt Park Store team, and has become a positive mentor for young people coming into Goodwill’s workforce.

Ron is an excellent example of how important a second chance is to someone in his situation. He has made the entire Goodwill Prisoner Reentry team very proud! 

Ron’s goal for his continuing career path is to get into a carpenter union apprenticeship program. 

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