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Success Story: Camonte

In June 2011, 18-year-old Camonte Redmond came to Goodwill out of desperation. Due to a family crisis, he dropped out of high school to get a job to help support them. He applied for work through GoodTemps, Goodwill’s temporary staffing agency. 

In September, he was placed at ADAC Automotive and they were very pleased with his strong work ethic and willingness to work overtime, but was told he would have to obtain his GED to be considered for permanent hire. To obtain this goal, Camonte enrolled in classes at M-TEC Adult Education and signed up to take the GED exam. Athough he failed the test on the first try, he dedicated himself to his studies and six weeks later passed the test. ADAC awarded him a permanent placement the following week.

Concurrently, while studying for his GED, Camonte enrolled in the GoodTemps’ Money Management Class offering a $500 savings match at the conclusion of the course. The intensive 13-week course is designed to help GoodTemps workers effectively manage their paychecks and learn about budgeting, banking, and saving. He struggled at first with some of the concepts in class, but with coaching became a zealous saver and budgeter. He decided to save $160 per week instead of the $50 required to earn a $500 match. Once he reaches his three-month emergency fund, he plans to begin investing in mutual funds. 

Camonte plans to pursue further education to be a skilled technician.

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