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Success Story: Leodis

Leodis was referred to Goodwill by his supports coordinator at Community Mental Health (CMH) of Muskegon County last June. Leodis needed employment but was unable to obtain work in the community. Following a traumatic divorce, Leodis was receiving mental health services, medication, anger management therapy, and other supports from CMH.

Leodis also has diabetes and high blood pressure that requires monitoring throughout the day, and medication administered as needed. CMH referred him to Goodwill knowing it would be the ideal work setting to keep his health in check.

Enrolled in Goodwill’s Work Readiness Program, Leodis works in the Industrial Services Center where he is engaged in manufacturing projects contracted with local manufacturers. His duties include sorting, collating, heat sealing, assembling, labeling, packaging, and other light industrial tasks as assigned. He also operates a cutting machine to cut salvaged textiles into industrial wipers. These wipers are sold by the pound to area machine shops and other businesses.

Through the Work Readiness Program Leodis has developed a strong work ethic through accountability and teamwork. This Goodwill vocational training experience has instilled in Leodis what the expectations of an employer are, and the proper routes for dealing with issues that arise in on the job. He says that the program has helped him think before he reacts, and has helped him to control his behavior outside of work as well. 

“I love working here and I keep striving to do better than I am doing.”  

In addition, this paid work experience has enabled Leodis to save enough money to purchase a car. This has helped him overcome his transportation barrier, which will be integral in finding and maintaining consistent competitive employment. 

“I didn’t have a life before working here,” he said.  “It gives me a place to go for five hours of the day, where I don’t isolate myself anymore.”

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