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Success Story: Ryan

Before coming to Goodwill Ryan said his life was “a struggle and disorderly.” He had just been released from prison when he was referred to Goodwill’s Offender Success program by the Michigan Department of Corrections. He had no transportation and struggled with depression. “He was very quiet,” Goodwill Case Manager Dina Butler recalls of Ryan’s first week at Goodwill. “He was so remorseful for his choices and the impact they had on others. When he started coming to classes I think he thought everyone was going to look down on him. He kept to himself as if he were carrying a sign that said he had been to prison.”

But Ryan would quickly realize he had everything he needed to be successful. “After a day or two, he started to come out of his shell,” Butler recalled. “He came to realize that everyone at Goodwill wanted to help him reach his goals and that he was supported here.” With that new found support, Ryan advanced through two weeks of job readiness classes and another two weeks enrolled in Goodwill’s Managed Employment, a transitional paid work experience performing light assembly work in Goodwill’s Industrial Services department. Each day he gained even more confidence in himself. He was always on time and utilized every opportunity to better himself.

Once through the Offender Success program, Ryan applied with GoodTemps temporary staffing agency to help him find work. Recognizing his transportation barrier, GoodTemps was able to place him with Resource Industries, a company not far from his home. He was placed as a temporary employee in January. For his entire 90-day trial period, Ryan was never late and never missed a single day. He was such an outstanding employee that Resource Industries hired him as a full-time 3rd shift CNC machine operator in April.

Ryan enjoys his job. He likes the environment he works in, the use of technology and his co-workers. Because of his excellent performance, he’s even being trained to assist the supervisor. Ryan’s life has changed for the better since Goodwill helped him get back into the workforce. He is very thankful. To others struggling to find work he recommends Goodwill because “the people at Goodwill are available and willing to help.”

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