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Success Story: Molly

For Molly, getting through a single day without experiencing overwhelming emotion was difficult before coming to Goodwill. Molly has lead quite a roller coaster life. Diagnosed with multiple developmental disabilities, she has gone back-and-forth between family, psychiatric hospitals, and adult foster homes. She has a history of depression, suicide threats, dangerous behaviors, substance abuse, and abusive relationships. Described as “easily angered,” Molly was diagnosed with major depression, dysthymic disorder, bipolar and mood disorders. Her inability to control her outbursts made employment impossible. She was not making good decisions for herself stating, “I was really destructive and bored. I was always cutting myself and being destructive to myself. I had no goals and nothing to look forward to. I lived in foster homes and wanted a better opportunity for myself.”

To begin her journey for a better life, Molly was referred to Goodwill for help. She entered the Work Readiness program and began receiving job skills training and paid work experience at Goodwill’s work center. At first, she struggled to get through the day, but Goodwill staff would not give up on her. They worked with Molly by listening and guiding her to use coping skills, and coached her on how to ask for help by identifying feelings before acting upon intense emotion. Through job skills training and personal coaching, Molly learned how to follow and retain directions, communicate her work and emotional needs, and become a team member in the workplace. Molly also accepted the challenge of learning new skills and working through the outcome of personal choices. She progressed so well in the Work Readiness program that she elected to participate in Goodwill’s Customer Service Training program. There, she learned a new set of skills with on-the-job training at the Goodwill Sherman store.

Through the services and support of Goodwill, Molly’s confidence and motivation has increased. She learned to recognize her strengths and began to accomplish her independence goals. “It’s made a positive impact in my life,” Molly said, “I got to work with really nice people who care about me and show me compassion and how to be patient with myself, because growing is a process.”

Molly continues to work toward her goal of working as a sales assistant at a retail store. She loves clothes and fashion. She continues improving her relationship-building skills and “keeping myself safe from self harm.” Molly says she would recommend Goodwill to anyone who needs help. “It is a very positive place to be and they are lovely people.”

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