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Success Story: Shelley

Shelley entered Goodwill’s Offender Success Program after 18 months of incarceration. She was determined to choose a new path. “Right away she made the statement that she was tired of chasing drugs and stealing. She said it with such conviction that we knew she was ready to work hard to change her life” says Offender Success Case Manager Josh Keur.

In the Offender Success Program Shelley learned employment readiness skills, soft skills, interview techniques and received help creating her resume. As she completed step one of the four-step program, Mark Richey of Richey Nursery came to Goodwill looking for an employee who could handle his open position of Shipping Coordinator. Josh immediately thought of Shelley because of her professionalism and drive. Shelley worked with Josh to prepare for the interview and she nailed it! Richey hired her as their new shipping coordinator.

In her role at Richey Nursery, Shelley supervises the picking, packing, and loading of the plants sold. “Quality is our reputation,” Mark Richey says of his company, “Shelley has grasped that right away. We carry over 300 varieties of plant/size combinations, which she has learned well. Since plants are dynamic, that is they grow at different rates so not all are saleable at the same time, she has to recount and grade the plants that are left in a group that she has just shipped from to maintain a valid inventory and grade. She has handled the paperwork well and asked appropriate questions. She is also learning how to supervise people. This position has been a weak spot in our personnel as the company has grown. It takes someone with a perfectionistic personality yet a production mentality to get the job done; she is doing it all very well.

When we interviewed her, I asked her if she would always be a petty thief and user. She said that she was tired of the way she had always been and wanted to turn a corner and make a new life for herself and her children. She seems to be doing it. As our company grows, I hope she stays and grows in her abilities as well.”

Shelley is very appreciative of the help she still receives from Goodwill stating that she wouldn’t be where she is today had it not been for Goodwill and the Offender Success Program.

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