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Success Story: Gary and Daniella

Janitorial Occupational Training (JOT) Program participants Gary and Daniella were recently recognized as outstanding trainees. In partnership with Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp the 8-week program combines classroom training and testing with on-the-job paid experience at the camp.

Seven program participants, of all ages and experience levels were referred to the JOT program by Michigan Rehabilitation Services. Gary and Daniella excelled and with recognition of their exemplary achievement and success, they were given the opportunity to continue their training at an advanced leadership level. 

Gary had been involved in another training program about five years ago and had difficulty finding employment. After many attempts to find work, he began to experience depression and gave up. On Gary’s first day at Goodwill, he was reserved and unsure of himself. Kathy and Gary spoke about expectations, and that we at Goodwill define our role in the janitorial program as being responsible for the health and safety of everyone in the building we maintain. Gary’s eyes lit up and he seemed to resonate with the ideas and the work that were in front of him.

Daniella began in the JOT program as shy young women just finishing her junior year at Muskegon High School. Daniella spoke in a tiny voice and was afraid to answer questions even when she knew the answer.

After the first week, it was obvious that change was happening for all of the participants, but Gary and Daniella quickly became the stars. Gary became the “go to guy” for assisting with demonstrations, and Daniella was scoring 95% correct on the written quizzes.

By week four of training, Daniella and Gary were being recognized and accepted by their peers as leaders. They practiced the art of organizing the crew’s work, communicating with their team, influencing others with encouragement, confidence, and problem solving.

Gary and Daniella’s growing confidence was obvious. Once too afraid to go to Blue Lake, Daniella now excels at the work because of her attention to detail. Gary’s confident in the scheduling of tasks and requirements, allows him to determine timing on delegated jobs, as well as communicate to his peers, resolve and solve issues that occasionally came up.

Daniella and Gary have transformed from shy, unsure individuals into confident, motivated, trained janitorial workers. At the conclusion of their leadership training, both Gary and Daniella were offered a position at Goodwill’s Janitorial Services.  

Janitorial Occupational Training (JOT) – Designed to prepare individuals to meet the quality standards of janitorial services, participants gain valuable training combined with paid on-the-job training in a community setting. Using 3M™ SMART Training resources, participants learn tools and techniques of the field including: safe chemical handling, customer service, floor care, rest room cleaning, kitchen cleaning, trash and recycling, windows and glass, personal safety, and cleaning versus sanitizing. The curriculum is tailored to the needs of the participants. Job placement assistance is provided.

Goodwill Janitorial Services
Goodwill Janitorial Services is a B2B service that contracts with area business to provide quality commercial cleaning and floor care using cost-effective, industry best-practice methods and equipment. For more information on services and to receive a free quote, call Kathy Harris 231-722-7871 x250.

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