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Shopgoodwill Sells Highest Priced Item to Date

Our very own local branch of Shopgoodwill.com just sold its highest priced item to date — a very old looking Bernardel violin with case for $5,001.

“Despite its somewhat dilapidated condition, the violin generated a lot of bidding activity and was ultimately sold and shipped to its new owner in Washington state,” said Shopgoodwill team member Jamey Keena.

Shopgoodwill.com is Goodwill’s online auction site. Created in 1999 by Goodwill Industries of Orange County, shopgoodwill.com is the first and only online auction site operated by a nonprofit organization.

In September the site was named Time.com’s “50 Best Web Sites of 2009,” favoring it above eBay as the best auction site for low-priced finds, ease-of-use, and security.

There are no fees to sign up or bid on items. All items are collected from the 166 independent Goodwill agencies across North America. More than 30,000 items are for sale at any given item to bidders who visit the site, including music, jewelry, handbags and other apparel, electronics, toys, hardware, furniture, antiques, books, rare paintings, collectibles, and other desirable items. A search function allows site visitors to sort items by seller and browse local available inventory through mobile technology.

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