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Success Story: Alisa Walton

A pinched nerve in her neck left Alisa unable to work because of the pain. Fifteen years of unemployment led to depression, low self-esteem, and eventually, drug addiction. 

After getting help and graduating from a treatment program, Alisa (now 50 years old) felt ready to try reentering the workforce. Her Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) case manager referred her to Goodwill’s Work Adjustment Program for a “situational assessment,” an on-the-job trial to observe her tolerance for work.

The situational assessment was arranged at Goodwill’s Roosevelt Park Store and Donation Center beginning in early February. Alisa was assigned various tasks such as accepting donations, sorting textiles, and hanging clothing. Not used working and being on her feet, the work was somewhat difficult for Alisa and required her to take extra breaks.  Eventually, she increased her stamina and was able to work for longer periods, and began to really enjoy the job. She worked well with her supervisors, co-workers, and customers.

As she was completing her assignment, she inquired about the possibility of working at the store on a permanent basis. The store manager encouraged her to apply for an open position. Alisa’s Goodwill case manager helped her complete the application and she was hired as a Goodwill retail associate on March 17. 

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