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Success Story: Kenyada

When Kenyada Young first came to GoodTemps seeking employment in 2011, she felt lost and without options. The recently released ex-offender had a felony background and a long history of drug dealing. It was difficult to find an employer willing to give her a chance.

Her GoodTemps case manager enrolled Kenyada into its four-day, Pathways to Permanent Employment class -- a job retention program in which graduates receive priority placements. Despite her excellent participation, drive, and qualifications, GoodTemps was unable to find her a job placement.

Not to be discouraged, Kenyada’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to partner with a friend and briefly ran a taxi service. When the taxi business did not work out and she was still without a job, she opened a mobile food stand to help support herself. 

In 2013, Kenyada returned to GoodTemps and in October was placed into a temporary assignment as a die cast worker at Port City Die Cast. Kenyada’s supervisors quickly recognized her excellent attitude and productivity, and by mid-December her efforts were rewarded with the offer of a permanent position with more job security, benefits, and higher earning potential.

Going forward, Kenyada has big dreams of one day opening a transitional housing center for females re-entering society from prison. Eventually, she would also like to develop a program for the at-risk children of ex-offenders, with the end result being family reunification and brighter futures for both generations. She recently purchased a historic home for this project that she is currently restoring.     

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