Our Mission

Provide work opportunities and skill development for people with barriers to employment.

Customer Service Training

This program is a combination of classroom instruction and paid, on-the-job training to prepare participants for a career in customer service. The intensive program utilizes curriculum from the National Retail Federation providing an overview of the retail industry, customer service, sales, and operational strengths. Graduates will gain the skills and knowledge needed for entry-level customer service work. 

Services provided at Goodwill Headquarters, Goodwill Career Center and Goodwill Employment & Training Center. 

Developing Unique Employability Skills (DUES)

DUES is a one-week, career-focused seminar for individuals with various barriers to employment. Instruction is comprised of educational presentations, community outings, and paid on-the-job training in community settings. The program is designed to help individuals gain marketable skills that will helps them secure ongoing employment. Participants are referred through Michigan Rehabilitation Services and HealthWest. Dates and times of the program are flexible.

Services provided at Goodwill Headquarters and Goodwill Career Center.

Empowering Ex-offenders in Transition (EXIT)

The EXIT program provides comprehensive support services to criminal offenders living in the cities of Muskegon and Muskegon Heights. In partnership with other community organizations, this alternative sentencing option provides participants referred by the Muskegon County Probation Office with case management, mentoring, and occupational training. The program is designed to help participants be involved in their community in more positive ways, reducing the likelihood of future criminal activity.

Services provided at Goodwill Career Center and other locations.


GoodTemps is a temporary staffing agency offering displaced workers, ex-offenders, and others, assistance in entering or re-entering the job market. Using its extensive network of local employers, GoodTemps places individuals in a wide variety of occupations and skill levels. Temporary assignments are often the “foot in the door” that lead to permanent placements. There are no start-up or placement agency service fees for workers. Workers receive weekly paychecks while gaining valuable work experience and contacts.

For more information call (231) 739-9010 or visit www.goodtempsmi.com.

Services provided at Goodwill Career Center.

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Impactful Integration

Impactful Integration offers customized community-based activities to prepare individuals for competitive integrated employment. Employment case coordinators work with individuals to complete positive personal profiles, explore possible career paths, increase job readiness skills, and gain employment that is promising for retention and advancement.

Services provided at Goodwill Headquarters and Goodwill Employment & Training Center.

Janitorial Occupational Training (JOT)

Designed to prepare individuals to meet the quality standards of janitorial services, participants gain valuable training combined with paid on-the-job training in a community setting. Using 3M™ SMART Training resources, participants learn tools and techniques of the field including: safe chemical handling, customer service, floor care, rest room cleaning, kitchen cleaning, trash and recycling, windows and glass, personal safety, and cleaning versus sanitizing. The curriculum is tailored to the needs of the participants. Job placement assistance is provided.

Services provided at Goodwill Career Center and Goodwill Employment & Training Center.

Managed Employment

The Managed Employment Program uses time-limited, wage-paying jobs that combine real work, skill development, and supportive services to transition participants rapidly and successfully into the labor market. Participants learn the customs and routines of work, establish an employment record, and generate employer references to enhance their competitiveness. Participation is through eligibility requirements determined through Offender Success and EXIT.

Services provided at Goodwill Headquarters, Goodwill Career Center, and other locations.

MoneyWorks Financial Services

Goodwill offers a variety of financial services to help people build a successful future and achieve their financial goals. Services include one-on-one support and coaching on budgeting, saving, debt reduction, and more. In addition, career planning and job placement assistance, and links to benefits are also offered. Services are customizable; participants pick and choose the offerings to best achieve their goals.  

Services provided at Goodwill Headquarters, Goodwill Career Center, and other locations.

Moneyworks Tax Preparation Services (VITA)

Goodwill provides free tax preparation services for qualifying low- to moderate-income individuals and families. Certified volunteer preparers help filers maximize their returns through state and federal tax credits such as Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit, and others. Goodwill also offers free self-service and online options with support, for those who prefer to file taxes on their own. For detailed information and eligibility requirements, visit the VITA web site. To become a volunteer call (231) 722-7871.

Services provided at Goodwill Headquarters, Goodwill Career Center, and other locations.

Offender Success

The Offender Success program (formerly called Prisoner Reentry) is a state-wide strategic approach to creating safer neighborhoods and better citizens through the delivery of a seamless plan of services, programming, support, and supervision for prisoners re-entering the community. Program participants are referred by the Michigan Department of Corrections Parole Board.

Services provided at Goodwill Career Center.


Return-to-Work facilitates the return of injured workers to the workforce as soon as it is medically appropriate. Goodwill assists employees who have sustained an injury or illness by providing temporary, alternate, or light-duty work. Gradual increases in length or difficulty of the work builds strength and tolerance levels until the worker can return to his/her regular employment.

Services provided at Goodwill Headquarters.

Supported Employment

Targeted primarily toward people with developmental disabilities or mental impairment, this model of service provides one-on-one training and on-going support for a successful transition to community-based employment. The program combines community job development, job coaching, and long-term follow-up to maximize employment potential. Participants are referred through Michigan Rehabilitation Services.

Services provided at Goodwill Career Center, Goodwill Employment & Training Center and other locations.

Supportive Services for Veteran Family (SSVF)

Under the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Supportive Services for Veteran Families program, Goodwill provides housing and employment services to low-income Veteran families living in or transitioning to permanent housing in Manistee and Mason counties. Eligible veterans enrolled in this program also receive case management and assistance in obtaining VA and other benefits. This program is in partnership with Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency (NMCAA). For more information, veterans and their families in Manistee, Mason, and Oceana counties are encouraged to contact Goodwill’s SSVF Case Manager at (231) 233-9178.

Services provided at other locations.

Ticket To Work

The Ticket to Work is a free and voluntary program that can help Social Security beneficiaries go to work and become financially independent, while maintaining their Medicare or Medicaid. Individuals aged 18-64 years old who receive Social Security benefits because of a disability most likely qualify for the program. Program eligibility and tickets are determined and provided by the Social Security Administration. The program is a good fit for people who want to improve their earning potential and are committed to preparing for full-time reintegration in the workplace. Goodwill is a qualified Employment Network (EN) for the program and can provide beneficiaries with disabilities access to meaningful employment.

Services provided at Goodwill Career Center.

Transitional Housing and Employment Services

Focusing on helping homeless families make a successful transition into steady employment and stable housing, this program extends beyond traditional short-term emergency shelter. In addition to housing, program participants receive employability skills training, job search and placement assistance, financial literacy training, and other supports as needed in order to achieve self-sufficiency. Collaborative partner, Community enCompass refers program participants and maintains the Goodwill homes.

Services provided at other locations.

Vocational Evaluation

Goodwill provides in-depth, comprehensive diagnostic assessment and evaluation encompassing: physical capabilities, vocational interests, aptitude testing, knowledge of occupational information, academic skills, verbal/ cognitive skills, work skills and work tolerance, general work habits and characteristics, and vocational options and objectives. Vocational Evaluations can be carried out through standardized testing, physical ability testing, and on-the-job observations of skills and needs. Individuals are referred through Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) and other community organizations for assessments based on the needs listed above. Referral source serves as the authorizing agency for coverage of fees incurred by programing. Program length is dependent of types of assessments/service authorized. For additional Information please call (231) 722-7871.

Services provided at Goodwill Headquarters and other locations.

Work Adjustment

Serving persons with little or no work experience — or those who have been out of work for an extended period of time — the intent of this program is to help individuals understand the meaning, value, and demands of work, or to re-establish skills, attitudes, and work behaviors. Referral sources include HealthWest, Michigan Rehabilitation Services, Community Mental Health of Ottawa County, and other outside organizations. Referral agencies fund costs incurred by programming. The time period for services is dictated by individual plan of service. For additional Information please call (231) 722-7871.

Services provided at Goodwill Headquarters.

Work Readiness

This program is designed to provide psychosocial / vocational rehabilitation for persons with developmental disabilities and mental impairments who need facility-based training and employment services, or who choose not to seek community-based employment. Participants may select from paid vocational training, basic skill building, community-based education, and volunteer opportunities. Participants are referred from HealthWest, MAISD, Community Mental Health of Ottawa County, local school districts, and other referral sources. Referring agencies are responsible for fees incurred from programming. Frequency of participation in programming is customized by individual service plans and needs. Additional information is available in Goodwill’s participant handbook. For additional Information please call (231) 722-7871.

Services provided at Goodwill Headquarters.